Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking

Stopford’s appointment booking system agenda is used in councils throughout the UK by services ranging from registration to bulk waste management. The key to the system’s success is its ability to mould to the needs of any environment whether that be local authorities or central government departments, working with existing practices instead of creating new ones.


Agenda enables registrars to accept appointment and ceremony bookings online including ceremony fee payments, by integrating with the council’s own payment provider. Registrars can manage ceremony bookings, approved premises renewals and also manage copy certificate applications online. GRO citizenship lists can be imported and built-in reporting features enables service mangers to monitor KPIs and highlight areas for improvement.

Council services

Services can create offices and schedules, specifying non-appointment times and the setting of individual diaries to be bookable online. Agenda also has many council service specific features and functions that ensure the system meets the niche needs of each council service individually.  For example, pest control appointments can calculate follow-up appointments based on pest types and bulky waste collections can calculate costs and times based on items to be collected.

Housing trusts

Using Stopford’s Housing Diary, staff are able to check-in on the system when out on assignments. Lone worker functionality and monitoring features are incorporated into the system through discreet panic buttons, which staff can trigger through their phones when away from the office. The diary helps monitor staff safety, audits performance and will improve a service’s efficiency.

Fully Customisable

The agenda appointment system allows you to build a comprehensive architecture for your districts, offices and diaries. This ensures the software represents your working situation in both functionality and feel.

Unlike other appointment booking systems on the market, agenda does not require lengthy and expensive customisation every time you need to change or add a new location or diary. Simple, user-friendly functions allow admin users to close or open offices and diaries on the fly. This gives the system the flexibility to quickly move and evolve as your service do.

Variable timeslot lengths ensure the system does not hinder your standard practices while appointment designations reduce the margins for human error.

Reduce Unattended Appointments

How much staff time is wasted with appointments where the customer doesn’t arrive or arrives late? Integrated payment systems allow users to take card payments for deposits and other charges, either online or over the phone. Customisable correspondence templates allow the system to automatically send confirmation and reminder emails or text messages.

Users of the system have found that by implementing these practices, they have drastically reduced the number of unattended appointments.

Self Check-in & Traffic Light System

Customers arriving at a reception can use the agenda touch screen software to check themselves in, alerting staff of their arrival and noting their arrival time for reports. Each appointment uses a colour coded traffic light system that allows users to know the progress of meeting at a glance.

Online Appointment Booking

The agenda online module allows customers to book appointments within specifically designated diaries set up by the administrators. This ensures you stay in control of your appointments.

The diary system helps to streamline services by minimising the number of manual tasks. The system shifts customer engagement to either online processes or to call centres.

Using a series of questions placed in a process-flow, the customer’s eligibility is assessed, their details taken and their appointment is booked into the main system. This online process is customised with questions to suit your needs. Your web templates are then applied to the process which sits seamlessly within your existing website – ensuring a continuity of branding.

Reporting & Key Performance Indicators

Built-in reporting facilities allow for reporting on a large number of statistics. This enable users to track KPIs. A lot of reports come built into the system and additional reports can either be created by Stopford upon request or created using SQL server reporting services.

SMS/Email Reminders

Confirmations and reminders can be set up to be sent automatically by either post, email or SMS. Stopford can integrate with existing SMS systems, as long as details are provided. However, we also offer our own SMS facility that can be integrated with.


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