Stopford successfully apply for G-Cloud 12

Successfully featuring for the 5th consecutive year, Stopford are pleased to announce our inclusion on the government’s leading digital marketplace for cloud-based solutions, G-Cloud 12. Going into it’s 12th iteration this year, G-Cloud has become […]

Chris Freeman 17th September 2020

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Mobile Check-In: First Month Performance Study

In late May we announced our latest module for agenda for registrars designed to adapt registration to the post-lockdown service environment, Mobile Check-in. Since then, we have worked with tens of councils to integrate the […]

Chris Freeman 18th August 2020

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Adapting to the ‘New Normal’ of bookings with Stopford

You hear the phrase ‘New Normal’ a lot coming out of lockdown. Whether it’s referring to the priority placed on smaller gatherings and the guaranteed presence of hand sanitiser, or the remote conferencing revolution and […]

Chris Freeman 06th August 2020

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The Additional Benefits Of Cloud Hosting With Stopford

Traditionally, cloud hosting has offered a number of great benefits to organisations with an online presence including; Scalability to increases/decreases in website traffic. Balances the workload of your website across multiple servers to reduce crashes. […]

Chris Freeman 21st July 2020

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Responding To COVID-19: Our Timeline

As birth bookings begin to restart at a number of councils throughout the UK, we’d like to take this opportunity to look back at the journey we’ve made with clients throughout the period. From the proactive release […]

Chris Freeman 24th June 2020

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40 Telephone Appointment Booking Systems To Go Live

We’re pleased to announce that 40 out-of-the-box telephone appointment booking systems for death registrations have either gone live or are in development. Since starting the roll out of phase 1 at the beginning of the […]

Chris Freeman 15th May 2020

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Things To Consider When Creating Appointment Reminders

Although channel choice is particularly important for sending appointment reminders, the effectiveness of your messages can depend on a number of considerations. By carefully designing your communications and understanding your users, services can improve the […]

Chris Freeman 17th February 2020

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Public Sector Smart Working London Preview 2019

We are proud to announce that Stopford will be exhibiting on the 9th of October at the Public Sector Smart Working summit. The 2nd annual Public Sector Smart Working summit will emanate from Prospero House […]

Chris Freeman 24th September 2019

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How Stopford booking solutions create cost savings

Interested in how online booking creates cost savings for your organisation? Look no further than our brief infographic below to get a taster of how booking can be used and how much you can save.

Chris Freeman 14th August 2019

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What can you provide through Course Booking?

A big step to putting your Course Booking system into practice is knowing what kind of courses you want to provide. By making courses available online for local residents, you can give citizens  easier access […]

Chris Freeman 09th August 2019

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