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Ceremony Planner

The Stopford Ceremony Planner allows celebrants to plan every aspect of their big day and ask questions of registrars without having to call the office or contact centre.

Celebrant Features

Customer Convenience

For many couples the stress of planning a wedding can be overwhelming and finding the time for meetings with a registrar can be difficult at best, especially if both celebrants would like to attend. The Stopford Ceremony Planner allows couples to sit in the comfort of their own home, at a time that is convenient to them, and submit their ceremony choices while following a structured and comprehensive guide of what they need to do.

Ceremony Dashboard

The Ceremony Planner dashboard gives celebrants an overview of their progress and alerts them to activities and payments that urgently need to be completed. The dashboard is at the top of the homepage, acting as the hub for the user and helping them to understand the overall picture of the process.

Ceremony Choices

The ceremony choices are listed under the dashboard and provide users with a comprehensive planner; detailing tasks that need to be completed before the ceremony date and allowing users to submit customized tasks to their registrar for approval i.e. entrance music or vows. The colour coded list gives users a simple to follow task sheet that updates as they tasks are completed, making it easy to identify anything that has not yet been done or to see if anything has become overdue.

FAQ & Ask the Registrar

The Ceremony Planner’s FAQ can be updated by registrars and so will provide up to date information and will give celebrants a way to answer common questions about their upcoming ceremony.

In the event that the celebrant has a question that isn’t answered by the FAQ; users can submit a question through the Ceremony Planner’s Ask the Registrar feature. Questions are submitted through to the registrar who can reply when they have time free. The ask the registrar feature works like an email system and so won’t interrupt important duties or require a member of staff to be monitoring the system constantly.

Registrar Benefits

Channel Shift & Savings

In 2012 the Government Digital Service released a report into digital efficiency. The report noted that face to face interactions with customers can cost from £6.62 to £8.62 per interaction and telephone interactions £2.83 to £4.11, while completing services online costs around 15 to 20 pence. The Stopford Ceremony Planner significantly reduces the number of face to face and telephone interactions with registrars by allowing celebrants to submit readings, music, vows and ceremony choices online but one of the biggest cost and efficiency savings that the system can make is by taking payments online, significantly reducing telephone interactions.

Links to agenda

The ceremony planner links directly to the agenda diary system, updating the ceremony details as couples make their decisions on the planner. When creating the ceremony planner we wanted to ensure that it did not create any additional burden on the registrars and so the diary system has a dedicated area for tasks relating to the ceremony planner, meaning that the registrars will not need to open the ceremony planner to complete tasks. The registrars will also be able to reply to enquiries through the diary, approve or refuse ceremony choices and amend the ceremony planner tasks from a central hub that they are already using day to day.


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