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RAFTS for Registration

Developed for the Registration Service after support for RSS was withdrawn, RAFTS is an electronic document record management system used to store and print certificates on a variety of paper formats. Importing both Index and Register data from RSS, RAFTS has a variety of functionality such as searching indexes, printing certificates, creating indexes, type & print of certificates and scanning of registers.

RSS Data

As one of the first steps in implementing RAFTS into a new registration service Stopford import the services extracted RSS data into the new system. This ensures that no data from RSS is lost and the system can be used purely as an RSS replacement when the system is installed.

RAFTS has two main search styles: The basic search that works in a similar manner to internet search engines by searching for keywords across all fields and the advanced search that allows users to build complex search queries using parameters such as dates ranges or by specific profession, which can be very useful to historic or ancestry societies.

Add Historical Registers

Users of the system with relevant permission can create new indexes within the system and save type & print certificates against indexes, allowing for the type & prints to be printed again without completing the type & print process. Some users of the system have also used import procedures to import data from RON to allow their staff to use RAFTS for all certificates, regardless of index year.

Scan Register Books

RAFTS scanning tool allows users to import scans of registers into the system. These scans can then be cropped within the system to isolate a specific entry and associate that entry against an index. Once done this will allow user to print a scan of the certificate for a specific register entry.


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