Facility Booking

Facility Booking

Facility Booking

Stopford’s facility booking software is used by a number of public sector organisations to centralize management of their facilities, which are often distributed across numerous locations. The Stopford facilities management system is designed to provide a central hub of communication for facilities managers, receptionists, equipment managers, cleaning staff and customers. Presenting information in an understandable format and enabling administrators to build a software structure that reflects their facilities.

Fully Customisable

Admin users of the system are able to create multiple locations and rooms within each location, to reflect the facilities they manage. Rooms can be created as standard rooms or as child/parent rooms that will restrict booking of child rooms if the parent is booked and vice versa. Each room can have multiple layouts assigned with minimum and maximum attendee numbers set to each layout, to ensure that customers searching for rooms book the rooms most appropriate for their needs.

Setup times can be assigned to layouts: to ensure that members of staff have time between meetings to clean and arrange the room for the next meeting. Booking time limits can also be assigned within the system to ensure that customers can’t book a room too close to the start time of the meeting.

Manage Equipment & Catering

Equipment within the system is split into static and standard equipment. Static equipment can never be moved from the room which it is assigned too, while standard equipment can be assigned to providers with a set number assigned to each location.

The system tracks equipment levels and sends item requests directly to providers. Set-up times for pieces of equipment ensure that providers have time to travel to locations.


Built-in reporting facilities allow for reporting on a large number of statistics and allow users to track KPIs. A large number of reports come built into the system and additional reports can either be created by Stopford upon request or created using SQL server reporting services.

External Displays

The system’s display functions allow users to display upcoming meetings for locations or individuals rooms on display screens throughout their facilities.


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