Records Management

Records Management

The Stopford records asset file tracking system, RAFTS, is a digital representation of storage facilities that catalogues all items within your facilities, designating their locations and allowing records managers approve or deny loan requests. The system is designed to manage large or multiple storage locations.

Searching & Loaning

The RAFTS search engine facility forms the core of the software, allowing the records manager to search thousands of files in seconds using simple search functionality or by building more complex searches through the advanced search option.  Loaning functions allow records managers to assess individual’s permissions before loaning items and then applying charging rates, overdue rates and fines to either the individual or their organisation.

 Structure Facilities

The RAFTS warehouse facility allows users to create a structural hierarchy that represents their physical storage: creating locations, buildings, rooms, shelves, boxes and finally files or equipment. This structure enables users to quickly explore locations as if they are physical entities, provides a basic map for locating retrieving assets and helps to manage free space.

Confidentiality & User Rights

Departmental associations allow admin staff to restrict the access users have to information. Users that search outside of their department area will either be presented with a minimal amount of information on a file, allowing them to request the files to gain more information, or the file will displayed in a redacted form, showing the user that a relevant file exists but that they are not allowed to see any information regarding the file.

Police Service: Linking Assets & MOPI Compliance

Files can be linked to one another using a variety of key fields. These fields link the files and documents giving the records manager an indication of whether there is another document that may be significant to the information they are searching for.

In terms of MOPI compliance this allows officers to track links between cases. Any familial link between individuals within cases will be highlighted, improving the management and sharing of information and intelligence by Police Forces.


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