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Bespoke Software Development

Stopford develop web based applications that offer users a manageable and configurable service. Our aim is to develop a system that will not only meet your current needs but will also ensure that the system can be managed in a way that allows administrators to expand the system in the future when the service or company grows.

Channel Shift

Here at Stopford we understand the important role software plays in bridging the gap between business and client, reducing costs and ensuring that your business is keeping pace with your client’s technological demands.

Channel shift allows your customers to book services through your website without increasing your service costs and improves the overall customer experience by providing additional avenues for client uptake and growth.

Cloud Hosting

The Stopford cloud hosting service ensures that your staff can access their new system from anywhere with an internet connection, while support staff can access your system at any time with a moments notice.


Stopford has over fifteen years of working within the software industry and fifteen years of experience working with the public sector and local authorities; as such we have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon on issues from procurement to integration and can help facilitate change within your service to help improve customer engagement and streamline back office functions.


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