Appointment types you should try in agenda for registrars

Users of agenda for registrars will be familiar with most of our standard in-system options. Whether your using it online or solely in its admin diary format; registration, notice and citizenship bookings make up over 95% of the appointment types bookings are received for by registration services.

But what are the other service types can be delivered through agenda you may ask? Registrars can deliver a number of non-standard service types through agenda’s diary or even through their own custom online processes.

Check out below some of the less common appointment and ceremony types you can add to your system below:

Renewal of Vows

A celebration of a couple’s time wed together, a renewal of vows ceremony is commonly seen as a chance to reaffirm each person’s commitment to one another. According to American Express, 1 in 5 couples in the UK plan on or have already renewed their vows, with those in London most likely to go ahead with their second wedding.

Through agenda for registrars‘ ceremony booking options, services can deliver a celebrant-focused online booking process for renewal of vows ceremonies. From here, celebrants can book their location, date, and time before proceeding to payment.

Final Ceremony Payment

Unlike the other options here, Final Ceremony Payment is an online and customer only process. It also doesn’t act as an appointment or ceremony, instead supporting the ceremony process for customers.

Final Ceremony Payment allows your celebrants to pay for their outstanding ceremony fees through the council’s website, with no need for taking payment over the phone or in-person. This is presented as a link on the council site, with an online process that matches a couple to their due fees by verification against details on their existing booking.

Paired with payment integration, the system can then accept payment issued by the couple, storing it against and updating their booking.

Naming Ceremony

A great option for welcoming the birth of a new or adoptive child, a civil Naming Ceremony can be a great alternative to their religious counterparts. This will see confirmed bookings be attended by a registrar to oversee the proceedings and possibly present a commemorative certificate to mark the occasion.

With the option to set up applicable venues and fees in the admin side, services can use agenda to offer an online process for celebrants to book directly with registrars, making it easy to receive and manage bookings of this type.

Civil Partnership Conversion

Based on the legislation that was implemented in 2014, agenda for registrars was developed to include the option of a custom process for Civil Partnership to Marriage conversion bookings.

Complete with signposting for the required documentation and the ability to choose a venue and date, celebrants could now have greater access to services to change their couple’s status. Much like the above options, payment integration could be integrated to manage any administration fees applicable.

EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)

One of the latest additions to agenda for registrars in mid-2019, EUSS appointments were made available to support applicants who were unable to access the scheme online themselves.

Creating it as it’s own booking option within agenda, services could book appointments within their office diaries for EUSS applicants to be guided through the process. This involved custom timespans for the booking and its own customer facing process for the visitor or their family to schedule an appointment.

If you’re interested in adding these appointment and ceremony types to your agenda for registrars system, please get in touch with our team via the contact form.