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Appointment and Ceremony Booking Made Easy

Combining short customisable booking processes with a highly functional electronic diary, agenda for registrars comfortably manages and enables booking for everything from registrations and notice appointments to marriage and civil partnership ceremonies.

With online booking enabled, residents will be able to fill in their details, choose a preferred time slot and book their chosen service in just a few clicks.

Flexible Diary Management

Create, customise and manage diaries relevant for your service and offices with our complete suite of functionality.

With all online bookings being automatically allocated into your set diaries, you’ll be able to distribute diaries to specific users, tailor timeslot durations and more to customise your system to your service delivery. 

Automated Correspondence

Is sending out communications consuming a lot of staff time? Cut the time needed to distribute confirmations and reminders using agenda for registrars’ smart automated correspondence system, allowing you to create templates for letters, texts and emails, and assign them for dispatch when specific criteria is met.

Powerful Reporting Suite

Monitor your services performance based on various set criteria including appointment and ceremony counts, income made, cancelled appointments and more to help influence future decisions through the system’s robust reports generator. 

Make agenda for registrars your own

Tune your system to the your ideal requirements with these additional options:

Contact Centre

Improve the ease of booking management via contact centres through a standalone staff application.

Certificate Stock Management

Create packs, allocate certificates against bookings and copy certificate orders and monitor stock in real-time.

Copy Certificates

Enable customers to purchase copy certificates online and manage orders from payment to dispatch.

Digital Notice Display

Display notices for marriages and civil partnership on a TV or monitor inside the register office by uploading files from the GRO.

Self Serve/Mobile Check-In

Save your reception staff time by empowering customers to sign in via a digital device.

Notice Document Uploads

Enable the upload of documents like proof of identity post confirmation, allowing teams to verify evidence ahead of the booking.

Cloud Host Your Registrars Booking System

Stopford offer a Cloud Hosting option with every system, allowing you to take advantage of some of the great benefits it comes with including:

– No hardware to maintain

– Scalable resources for traffic spikes and high demand

– Faster access to the latest upgrades, features and support

Find us on G-Cloud

Looking for procurement information? Find Stopford’s Registrars Booking documentation on G-Cloud through the link below:

Registrars Booking on G-Cloud

Designed For Registrars

Not only have we worked with registrars to develop agenda for registrars since its inception, we fully tailor each new system to our client’s objectives. 

24/7 Appointment and Ceremony Booking

Enable online booking for all the services your registrars offer; from registrations and notices to ceremonies. 

Appointment and Diary Management

Whether offering online booking or not, agenda for registrars’ array of diary functionality centralises service management to one system. 

Channel Shift Savings

Telephone and face-to-face interactions are proven to be significantly more expensive to maintain than digital. Create long term savings through clever digital solutions.

Frequent Updates

We rollout new features and changes in regular software updates, so you can be sure your system always has access to the latest additions. 

Robust Security Standards

We adhere to strict security and information management procedures, opting for external audits for internationally recognised certifications like ISO.

Trusted By Service Leaders

Don’t take our word for it, see what some of our customers have to say:

"I fully recommend working with Stopford, they are professional, friendly and always try to resolve any problems that arise as quickly as possible. Stopford listen to your needs and wishes and where possible, adjusts the software to work within your requirements. I can’t recommend them highly enough!"

Alison Manning - Wiltshire Council

"Having worked with Paul and the team at Stopford for a number years I can confidently say that they ‘get’ the weird world that is Registration. This understanding means that their relationship with us is more than just a third party supplier and they are a vital component of our overall service delivery."

Patricia Evans - Liverpool Council

“Stopford really understand how we work today and how we need to work in the future. They consistently provide helpful and valuable support and are an important partner for Warrington’s Registration Service.”

Jane Briscall - Warrington Council

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