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Customer Friendly Online Booking

Bring your courses and events to the forefront of your digital presence with simple tailored online booking processes.

Allow users to seamlessly transition from your courses/events information pages directly into booking and checkout, taking pressure off your customer service centres and making your service open 24/7 for booking.

Course/Event and Booking Management

Course & Event Booking makes it easy for users to take control and oversee every detail relating to their listings.

Create, edit and make live unlimited courses/events while utilising tools designed to monitor the performance of your listings based on tickets sold, attendance and more. 

Communicate With Your Attendees

Distribute communications through a variety of mediums including letters, email and SMS within Course and Event Booking.

Design your responsive templates, set them for automated release upon specific criteria being met, and let the system do the rest.

Quick and simple dispatch for everything from confirmations and reminders to payment receipts. 

Pre-Prepared Reports

Get detailed insights into the performance of your course and event listings through our built-in report generator.

Access crucial statistics and inform your future decision making through data on payment, attendance, cancellations and more.

Customise Course and Event Booking Further

Expand your system functionality with the optional features below:

Contact Centre

Access a stripped down version of Course and Event Booking designed for contact centres to create new bookings made via phone and face-to-face.

Self Serve / Mobile Check-In

Give visitors coming in for their booking the ability to check-in via a mounted tablet or mobile link. (Software only)

Cloud Host Your Course and Event Booking System

Stopford offer a Cloud Hosting option with every system, allowing you to take advantage of some of the great benefits it comes with including:

  • No hardware to maintain
  • Scalable resources for traffic spikes and high demand
  • Faster access to the latest upgrades and features
  • More responsive support and faster turnaround

Find us on G-Cloud

Looking for procurement information? Find Stopford’s Course and Event Booking documentation on G-Cloud through the link below:

Course and Event Booking on G-Cloud

24/7 Course and Event Booking

Make your courses and events available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Customised Booking Pages

We co-design your online booking solution with you, helping you deliver user journeys that suit you.

Channel Shift Savings

Start making savings in your organisations by moving your process to digital. 

User Permission Controls

Create and customise your team with a host of permissions from viewing rights to editing.

Frequent Updates

We offer solutions that are designed to grow as your requirements do. That’s why we deliver frequent updates for your online booking solution.

Robust Security Standards

We adhere to robust security standards by committing to external audits from organisations like ISO.

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