Argyll & Bute purchase Stopford’s Facility Booking System

Argyll and Bute Council have purchased Stopford’s Facility Booking System to manage a variety of resources and rooms.

The Scottish Council of Argyll and Bute sought a flexible and scalable facility booking system. The council needed a system that could handle a diverse range of internal and publicly bookable resources. Argyll and Bute have numerous multi-purpose facilities and spaces available for hire that can accommodate more than one activity at a time, and required a sophisticated booking system that could reflect this.

Stopford’s Facility Booking System can accept bookings for both fixed and flexible rooms. It can assign static equipment to a room and show non-static equipment for hire. It can also communicate with third-party equipment and catering providers.

Argyll and Bute wanted their available spaces to be booked for a variety of events such as conferences, internal meetings, vehicle hire or five-aside matches. Stopford’s ability to provide a system that allowed a user to create facilities and assign a specific utility or layout, set timeslots and manage facility costs proved a perfect fit.

Currently Argyll and Bute have more than 400 bookable resources listed and needed a booking system that could manage up to 5,000 bookable transactions a year. Using Stopford’s Facility Booking System, the council will make a variety of resources available to book online including pool cars, sports pitches, meeting rooms and specialised resources such as minibuses.

Once implemented the booking system will be fully integrated online, allowing customers a self-service method with uninterrupted access to booking designated council resources.

The Stopford Facility Booking System is currently used by public sector organisations throughout the UK to manage the booking of various facilities across multiple locations. The system can be used to book almost any available resource. It also incorporates the management of internal staff and third-party suppliers, such as catering.

For more information on Stopford’s Facility Booking System please click here.