What can you provide through Course Booking?

A big step to putting your Course Booking system into practice is knowing what kind of courses you want to provide. By making courses available online for local residents, you can give citizens  easier access to opportunities aimed at improving their employability and exploring new interests.

In years prior to online booking, enrolment in courses required telephone or face-to-face booking. Online course booking has made courses readily available for booking during enrolment periods, allowing those interested to book at their convenience through digital devices.

Today we will explore just some of the activities you can make available through course booking systems.

Employability Courses

Ideal For: CV Workshops, Interview Techniques, Job Searching, IT Skills

Employability courses focus on helping residents update their skills or prepare to change careers. Courses including digital skills or health and safety teach techniques and practices that will support individuals in their workplace.

Through a combination of qualifications and practical tools, students are able to build up their confidence as they improve their employability.

Arts & Crafts

Ideal For: Pottery, Painting, Textiles

Sometimes it is good to unwind and explore something new. Arts and crafts courses offer just that.

Ranging from taster sessions to work focused qualifications, arts and crafts courses can offer both an exciting hobby or a new career path. With potential courses including photography, painting, woodwork and textiles, students are able to learn from both their tutors and people with similar interests.

Language courses

Ideal For: Modern Foreign Languages, Sign Language

Whether you aim to get more from your holidays abroad or would like to better communicate with friends, language courses are a popular option.

Today many councils provide an option to study foreign languages, with students able to make course bookings for French, Spanish and Italian lessons. Skilled tutors can help budding linguists develop their competency from beginner all the way to advanced.

English & Maths Courses

Ideal For: English and Maths Fundamentals, ESOL

Aimed to help those who are unconfident or unfamiliar, English and Maths courses are a great way of improving both the employability and standard of living of residents.

English courses for example are great at achieving both. With options that range from introductory to GCSE standard, those who want to improve their English or foreign nationals can become more confident in conversing with others. By improving on their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills, students will be able to take these skills forward into their work and future social interactions.


Ideal For: Yoga, Nordic Walking, Sports taster sessions

Whether the end goal is becoming an instructor or simply learning the basics, sports courses offer a host of benefits to those who enrol. Catering for a variety of ages and abilities, not only do these courses help residents stay healthy but they also help improve students mental wellbeing too.

From advanced techniques to gentler exercises, there are a variety of sports and activities to inspire a more active lifestyle.

Stopford’s Solution:

Stopford’s Course and Event Booking System provides organisers with powerful tools that help publish course details, enable booking and manage their bookings. Oversee your booking statistics through KPI reporting, receive payments and send out automated reminders so reduce absences. Find out more about our Course and Event booking system here.