Stopford in Rotherham

Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council have purchased several Stopford systems to help improve back-end services in the council and bring services online for members of the public to book appointments. Each booking system will provide its own unique functionality for the council, but also will provide the function of taking it’s service area online and improving accessibility for Rotherham council.

Appointment Booking

Rotherham will be receiving several iterations of Stopford’s appointment booking system with functionality tailored for each different service area. Bulk Waste Management – This version of the appointment system allows members of the public to book bulk waste collections through the council website. The system will automatically calculate times depending on the items required for collection and will also calculate costs and process payments. The diary will be integrating with a number of other systems including Bar Tec’s waste management system.

Pest Control Services – Rotherham’s pest control department will be using the appointment system to assist them with callouts and arranging site visits. Pest control will also allow members of the public to book services online and take payments.

Registration Service – Stopford are no strangers to the registration service with around 70 registration service clients, with more and more every year. With the purchase of Stopford’s diary system agenda: Rotherham registrars will be taking advantage of years of experience in registration and a system that has been built over the years with input from registrars.

Course and Event Booking

Course and event booking will be used for everything from council organized events to continuous personal development classes for council staff. With online booking members of the public will be able to search and book specific courses and events happening throughout the borough.