Stopford release phase 2 features for Telephone Registrations

After a positive response to the first phase of our free telephone appointment booking process, we are pleased to announce the release of a number of phase 2 features, giving registrars access to more tools to support their work during COVID-19. 

Included in phase 2’s free suite of functionality are the following additions: 

The ability to purchase addition certificates online:

We are now offering the ability to receive online payments for copy certificates during the booking process. 

Directions for users can be given during the booking process to sign post the ability to purchase certificates; whether they are available during the booking process, while on the call or if certificates aren’t being offered at present.  

The ability to attach PDF documents to emails through the system:

Registrars will now be able to upload PDF documents into the system for attachment in the emails you distribute.

Additional reporting tools:

A new report will specifically centred on telephone death registrations will allow for better management of bookings and more control for senior staff.

Welsh translations for Welsh authorities:

Booking processes for Wales-based authorities are now available in Welsh to assist users during the registration process.

If any of the individual items above are of interest to your service or you would like to get started with Telephone Appointment Booking, please contact and we will be in touch to discuss the next steps. 

As we continue to roll out phase 2, we are consistently looking for more functions to introduce to best support you at this time. We would love to hear your ideas of what we could introduce in the next phase for telephone appointments and help build a system to face the challenge designed by the registrar community.