Course & Event Booking

Course and Event Booking

Course & Event Booking

The Stopford Course & Event booking system creates an environment where organisers can promote courses and events through their council’s website; advertising through subject or event categories, publicising vital information and taking payments online. Within the system; courses are considered to be any instance that allows a single person to book attendance, while events allow multiple people to book attendance at once.

Create Courses & Events

Build a digital representation of your course or event with key information including course requirements, key stage levels and cost schedules. Courses and events can be built as individual instances or as a series of instances, allowing for courses that run over an extended period of time.

Confirmation & Reminders

Stopford’s course booking system comes with an integrated correspondence system, allowing users to create letters, emails and SMS templates in their own style, adding branding and images to suit their needs.

Email and SMS correspondence will automatically generate and send to attendees on the appropriate dates, reducing human interaction and the margin of error. Keeping attendees informed also serves to reduce the number of ‘no shows’ and reduces administrative costs within the service.

Online Booking

The Stopford Course & Event system integrates seamlessly into a council’s website, allowing member of the public to search for courses and events using a wide array of criteria including geographical areas, service areas, course requirements and cost. The site allows attendees to manage all of their course and events, reviewing their bookings, making payments and cancelling if necessary.


Built-in reporting facilities allow for reporting on a large number of statistics and allow users to track KPIs. A large number of reports come built into the system and additional reports can either be created by Stopford upon request or created using SQL server reporting services.


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