5 ways Certificate Stock Management can streamline services

For UK civil registration, managing the issue of certificate stock and their packs has principally been a manual process. Whether by spreadsheets or written notes about what was issued, keeping track of stock manually can be a costly and time consuming process for teams.  

Using Certificate Stock Management, agenda for registrars’ feature to simplify inventory control, registrars can look forward to taking more control over their packs and certificates, making issuing, managing and reporting on stock levels easier than ever before.    

Take a look at just some of the amazing ways using Certificate Stock Management can benefit your service below: 


Fast, efficient, and recorded certificate issue  

Integrating directly into agenda for registrars, staff with the required permissions will be able to use Certificate Stock Management to issue a wide range of certificate types against their listed bookings or copy certificate purchase within the diary system.    

Fast and simple, issued certificates can be recorded as and when they are provided, ensuring no stock is lost or forgotten and accurate records are maintained.  


Volume management and reordering  

Alongside the issue of certificates, Certificate Stock Management will also make it easier for management to monitor stock volumes and oversee the status of owned certificate packs.  With up-to-date issuing creating an expected volume of certificates in any one pack, staff can monitor the use of individual certificate types and be alerted to when reordering should be considered, preventing unforeseen certificate shortages and ensuring the service is never left short.  

The status of individual certificate packs can also be reviewed; determining whether a pack is in use or in storage for later use. As a result, registration offices can have a better understanding of their changing stock count and use this information to become more cost-effective.   


Trace all stock activity 

All stock issued, added, spoiled and more will be listed within a single log , giving registrars a comprehensive guide of the event based on variables like certificate type and time of issue.  

This not only provides a great way of validating manually counted stock volumes during the end-of-day process, but also enables staff to more easily identify certificate spoils and costly stock discrepancies. Using the new feature, registrars will be able to quickly undertake investigations into lost stock and account or missing certificates, making the service more efficient in its overall certificate distribution.   


Monitor your sales through the cashbook  

Certificate Stock Management also comes with its own suite of individual reporting options for service leaders to take advantage of.   

In reports you’ll be able to break certificates issued and sold by a user, the certificate type, who was the pack owner and so much more. Having designed the system with registration managers, we’ve also included reports in the format of cashbooks, allowing you to keep record of volumes and revenue received.  


All-in-One Functionality  

Last but not least, the integration of an certificate inventory focused feature into the diary system continues agenda for registrars’  evolution into an all-in-one registration solution.   

As a result, staff will not need to hop between multiple third party systems or manually update spreadsheets as part of their routine tasks. This allows services to save more time and money in the long term by neatly packaging all your tools in one place.   


To enquire about adding Certificate Stock Management, please contact us via our contact form.