What are Custom Triggers in agenda?

Users of agenda for registrars will be familiar with the option to assign automatic triggers for email, letter and SMS options to different occasions, whether that be as a confirmation, a reminder or for surveys. Spread across registrations, notices and ceremonies, letter assignments have enabled registrars to access a wide variety of ways to tailor how their service distributes communications to customers. 

To empower services even further, Stopford introduced Custom Triggers in 2019, offering registrars a way of creating their own service specific letter assignments. Check out some of the benefits of adding your own Custom Triggers to agenda below: 



Service-specific communications 

Looking to deliver a post-ceremony congratulations to your celebrants? Want to inform couples of FAQs ahead of their ceremony through a specific email? Sometimes these scenarios warrant a full separate email/SMS/letter rather than being tacked onto a long existing email template, or maybe there’s not an existing letter assignment that’s a best fit.  

By implementing Custom Triggers, services can request the build of scenarios based on any data within their system; from whether fees have been paid or items like notices have been given, to days from a booking or if the booking is at a specific office/venue. Using this range of data, services can generate simple or complex parameters for sending out emails or SMS for everyday use or special occasions easily, helping services get the most out of their agenda system. 


Encourage positive customer engagement 

Each customer journey with registrars has a number of touch points where the couple can get more details or interact with the service. This includes their experience with your booking flow, information on your website and ultimately their interactions with registrars on the run up to their booking. 

By setting up automatic communications through tailored Custom Triggers, registrars can optimise every couples experience with the service, offering the opportunity to develop purposeful touch points for couples to engage with throughout their journey. Want to send your customer a specific email with a link to your mobile check in feature? Create a Custom Trigger to send your letter template a specified amount of time before a booking to make locating the link easy. 


Looking to add new template assignments to agendaGet in contact with the team via our contact page to discuss your Custom Trigger idea.