COVID-19: Stopford’s Policies and Procedures

As a company that works closely with local authorities throughout the UK, we are closely monitoring the situation to best ensure service continuity during this difficult time for our public services.

Although we expect no disruption to service during the pandemic, to best ensure we are protecting staff, clients and the ongoing operation of services to the fullest, we are taking the following precautions with scope to expand on these measures in the event of further government guidance.

Working Practices and Staff

Following the most recent government guidance and with an emphasis on protecting the wellbeing of staff, we have made the decision for all staff to work from home at this time. To best ensure the continuity of service, we have set up secure infrastructure to allow staff to easily remote in and pick up where they left off, allowing on-going projects to continue.

We have also introduced a number of additional measures to ensure disruption is minimised at this time:

  • All team members have been briefed on vital links and procedures for working from home.
  • Progress meetings will occur twice a day via video chat to maintain communication with the team.
  • Introduction of voice channels to transfer information quickly between staff members.

As the situation progresses, we will look to adapt our response and practices as the guidance demands it.

All Stopford clients have been emailed directly with information on our response and will be kept informed as the situation changes.


We understand that registration services will be under a lot of pressure during this time. As such, we have emailed all of our registration service clients with additional information and options to help assist with contacting customers and assisting in the services COVID-19 response.

If you are a registrar client and have not received communication on the measures being put in place for COVID-19, please contact Stopford immediately by email at .

Training and Communication

In order to protect clients from transmission through face-to-face interactions, we have made the decision to cancel all on-site demonstrations, meetings and scheduled training until further notice.

In place of direct communication, we will offer phone calls or video demonstrations/training as an alternative to all scheduled communications.

For arranging video demonstrations/training, please contact

For all technical enquiries, please contact

If you have any questions regarding our current COVID-19 policy, please contact for more information.