Derbyshire take Courses Online

Derbyshire County Council has recently gone live with Stopford’s Course and Event booking system, allowing members of the public to book onto courses and events that are being run by Derbyshire Countryside Services. Courses in bushcraft, photography and even Christmas wreath making have already been listed on the system, either advertising upcoming events or signing up attendees.


The Course and Event system allows users structure events the way they want including adding booking fees, minimum and maximum attendee numbers and scheduling when events are advertised and when they made available to book. It is because of this that Christmas wreath making workshops can be advertised in February with no risk of people booking on the course 10 months in advance.

The public facing interface is simple, easy to use and integrates seamlessly into the Council’s website; while the back end application offers a wide variety of features to help course administrator tailor their courses and events. Courses can be run with a series of instances to allow longer courses to be advertised in a single instance without confusion.