The agenda in Reading

Reading registration service have become the latest in a long line of registration services to see the benefits of moving to Stopford’s electronic appointment and ceremony diary management system, agenda. The registration service will be able to take advantage of a wide range of services and functions that have been built into the system over many years of working with registration services across England, Scotland and Wales.

A variety of service specific functions such as booking attendees onto citizenships ceremonies and reconciling payments from the GRO are just the tip of Iceberg when it comes to what agenda has to offer the registration service.

Stopford’s goal with any client is to improve the quality and efficiency of the service they provide to the public, while ensuring that the system makes staff duties easier to manage and more effective. The agenda systems built in reporting functions will allow service managers to track how staff and the system are performing over the coming years and compare these to key performance indicators set by the GRO.

Agenda has fast become the registration service’s number one choice when it comes to electronic diaries, building a reputation by providing advanced functionality in a user friendly format with a high priority on support. We look forward to working with Reading in the future and hope that we can build a┬ástrong beneficial working relationship.