Four New Registration Service Clients in England

Registration services across the UK are recognizing the importance of having software systems in place that streamline registration processes and functions; while shifting the channels of customer engagement online to reduce costs and enable a 24/7 service without increasing staff hours.

With this in mind, registration services are seeking a provider with a good reputation within the registration service for high-quality software and good customer service. Many registration services are seeing the value of meeting with existing users of a system to understand the implementation process and the benefits a system can have on the running of a service before making purchasing decisions.

Over the past few weeks four councils that have evaluated the market have come to the conclusion that Stopford offers the best system to meet their needs.

Isle of Wight Registration Service has purchased both agenda, Stopford’s diary management system, and RAFTS, Stopford RSS replacement/certificate management system. While Stoke Registration Service has purchased agenda and both Solihull and Lambeth have purchased RAFTS as stand-alone systems.

These new clients will take Stopford’s total number of registration service clients to just under eighty, ranging from the UK’s busiest service (Birmingham) to more rural districts such as Conwy. However, regardless of size each service can expect to receive the highest standard of software and customer support.