ISO 9001/27001 Recertified

After a successful first year of ISO certification, Stopford has been officially recertified in both ISO 9001 and ISO 27001. A comprehensive audit of Stopford’s quality and security processes has been undertaken by an ISO certification company and found that Stopford’s processes are of a very high standard. This major audit by ISO Quality Services ltd. is a much more in-depth look at the process Stopford has put in place of the past year our commitment to documenting processes, quality and security as a whole.

ISO 9001

Managing director of Stopford Paul McCloskey has said, “While we (Stopford) have always had an excellent reputation within local government for quality; it is important to be able to show potential clients that we have been certified by a 3rd party to have sufficient measures in places to assure quality and security.”

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Why is ISO important?

ISO certification in security means that Stopford has measurably-high security level; offering customers a level of reassurance that their data is safe, which in today’s climate of data leaks and security breaches is of the utmost importance to many clients in both public and private sectors. While security is very important it would not be of any use if the software and services provided by Stopford weren’t of a high quality. ISO 9001 means that Stopford quality processes are are of an equally high standard and that Stopford has measures in place to ensure the software meets high standards in quality assurance.

Any client with reservations about security or the quality of process within Stopford can rest assured that Stopford employees are monitored in line with both quality and security standards. Stopford will continue to strive to improve not only our software but our processes as a company, expanding our fields of expertise as we expand our workforce and pushing the company and it’s products forward with new features and functions.