Spelthorne Course & Facilities Management

Spelthorne Council has just purchased Stopford’s Facility Booking and our Course & Event Booking software to help the council streamline the service they offer and to shift the channels of customer engagement to the internet, which will reduce costs, and offer customers a facility to make bookings from the comfort of their own home at a time suitable to them. Stopford plan on working closely with Spelthorne Council to not only improve their services but also to help Stopford improve their systems by adding new functionality and developing the software with Spelthorne’s needs in mind.

Booking Facilities in Spelthorne

The Stopford facility booking software will be implemented across Spelthorne Council’s internal meeting rooms, allowing members of staff to book rooms, equipment and order catering through the system. It is important that the facilities system offers a wide array of functionality for the management of the facilities and meetings as well as offering the facility for members of staff and the public to make bookings.

Spelthorne Council will also have the option to use the system for the management and booking of sports pitches, pool cars/bikes, hot desks and many other bookable resources within Spelthorne.

Members of staff will be able to create facilities structures including locations, sub locations, rooms and then be able to structure room layouts within the system to accurately represent their physical premises. Once in place, staff can create schedules within the system that reflect their booking timetable, ensuring that customers can make bookings without guidance from members of staff.

Courses & Events in Spelthorne

Spelthorne Council’s new Course & Event Booking software can be used for a wide variety of different courses, training, classes, activities and events. Spelthorne Council will be able to use the system across a number of areas such as CPD, certified courses, outdoor activities, workshops and public events. The booking functions will allow staff and/or members of the public to book themselves and their family onto a wide range of events taking place in Spelthorne, with functionality built in to manage attendee numbers, prerequisites, recurring events, disability access and ensuring space for carers.

Course administrators will also have a wide range of functions available including applying advertising flags, creating classes within ongoing courses, recreating previously run courses and running reports on bookings and attendance.