Stockton & East Riding Registrars choose Stopford

Registrars in both Stockton and East Riding have selected Stopford systems to help them to deliver their services to the public. Although both registration services have purchased software from Stopford; East Riding have purchased RAFTS for Registration while Stockton have purchased both RAFTS and agenda, taking advantage of the discount offered to services that purchase both systems together.

Registrar Certificate Management System

Both Stockton Borough Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council registration services have selected Stopford’s RAFTS for Registration system to replace their now unsupported index and register management system RSS. Their new system will not only provide users with access to all of the data previously stored on the RSS system but will also provide key registrar functions such as: printing index books, print a register index, run missing entries report, create type and print certificates and much more.

The system is not only meant to be a replacement of the original RSS system but also an expansion of the functionality, allowing users to input new index and register data. The system will enable the registrars to scan and save registers within the system and then allowing them to then crop the selection to print on certificate paper, saving time on the existing manual method used by most services.

Registrar Diary Management System

The registrars in Stockton will also be using Stopford’s diary management system for their appointment and ceremony bookings. The registrars will be taking advantage of years of experience with the registration service and using a wide array of functions specifically design for registrars. As Stockton have both agenda and RAFTS for Reg they will have the option to integrate the two systems to allow members of the public to search for certificates online, place their order and make a payment. The request will then come through to the agenda system for approval, printing and posting by the registrar.

We at Stopford look forward to working closely with both clients in improving the service they provide the public and helping to make life easier by streamlining back office functions.