Dorset Registrars Choose Stopford

Home of the famous Jurassic Coast, a shoreline of cliffs with an abundance of fossils, and the interesting tombolo of Chesil Beach; Dorset is a picturesque seaside county that boasts some of England’s most beautiful and unique scenery. This lovely piece of Southern England boasts a population of approx. 770,700, all of whom must be guided through some of the most critical times of their life by the dedicated registration service team.

To assist in this task, Dorset Registration Service has procured Stopford’s agenda and Ceremony Planner systems. The new systems will improve customer engagement and help with back office administrative tasks, such as managing citizenship lists and assigning staff to ceremonies. The agenda system will be implemented first and then the service will look to design and install the Ceremony Planner once staff are comfortable with their new diary.


The agenda diary management system has a proven track record within the registration service as the most widely used registration service diary and ceremony management system in UK. Dorset are purchasing the system at an exciting time; as the announcement of the Stopford’s user group conference means that a number of new features will be unveiled in November.

With the purchase of agenda, registrars will not only be able to look forward to upcoming developments but will also be able to rely on a wealth of existing functionality built specifically for the registration service. Features such as ceremony management, venue management, cash book, surveys, reporting tools, certificate ordering, online booking and much much more will all be available to Dorset registration service as part of the core system.

Ceremony Planner

The latest in Stopford’s suite of registration systems; the Ceremony Planner allows couples to prepare their order of ceremony through an easy to use and appealing online portal. The system provides step by step guides on every statutory requirement and allows couples to make payments and ask questions without the need for time consuming phone calls or meetings. The system provides couples with an overview of their progress and allows them view pre approved lists for items such as music and readings.

The system also comes with a number of features for registrars too, such as reporting services and automatic population of the order of service. All information recorded by the couple is stored against the couple’s ceremony booking within the agenda system for quick reference and registrars will be able to access the couple’s planner to provide assistance or lock the planner should the need arise.