Surrey County Council Improve Their Online Booking With Stopford

A county synonymous for its blend of miles of rolling countryside and extensive woodlands, Surrey is the ideal place for a break from the raucous pace of their urban contemporaries.

After becoming the latest county council to adopt Stopford as their online booking system provider, Surrey’s offer of a calming, tranquil experience can now be associated with an ease of service online.

Choosing both the agenda and Ceremony Planning systems, Surrey can look to enjoy a host of benefits from personalised systems designed for their individual tasks.

Online booking and how can it help

With a reputation and proven track record as the most widely used registration service diary and ceremony management system in the UK, agenda has functionality that favours both customers and councils alike. Integrated payments and responsive online flows will present customers with fast and easy options for making online bookings, while also saving time and money for the council.

Through agenda Surrey County Council will be able to utilise a wealth of features such as venue management, reporting tools and online booking. Pairing the extensive functionality with simple, intuitive design allows the software to evolve as the councils range of services grow, offering a long term relationship between Surrey County Council and Stopford.

What is Ceremony Planner?

Compiling all the steps running up to the big day, Stopford’s latest addition, Ceremony Planner, captures all the essentials in one complete online portal. Breaking down stress associated with wedding planning through informative guides and plans, couples can see and plan their ceremony from the comfort of their home.

Couples can have their questions answered without the need for calls or appointments, saving registrars time and council funds. From a whole host of options overseeing music, readings and vows available to couples to choose from, the prospective newlyweds can fine tune their wedding to meet their requirements, completing and submitting their order of ceremony in the process.

Registrars can also benefit from the built-in reporting services, reduced cost per booking and the ability to overview ceremonies, that way registrars can focus on making couples wedding day their best day.