The Benefits of G-Cloud For The Public Sector

Stopford are proud to announce our inclusion in the 11th iteration of G-Cloud. Part of the government’s leading public sector procurement service, Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud has created a single destination for public entities to search and purchase cloud systems and services. As one of the SME’s chosen to provide cloud software, support and hosting, we endeavour to support organisations as part of their digital transformation strategy.

To celebrate our inclusion on the digital platform, today we will look at how councils can benefit from using G-Cloud as part of their procurement strategy.

What are the main benefits of G-Cloud?

Faster and more affordable services for public entities

As G-Cloud differs from standard procurement, the process utilises a specialised framework agreement with their chosen suppliers. This enables public organisations to access more affordable cloud services faster than through traditional procurement.

By removing the need for public service providers to go through the traditional process (e.g. full tenders), the steps to implementing new technology are shorter and more cost effective. G-Cloud’s removal of barriers acts as a contributing factor to making services more affordable. With the council needing to spend less time on research and acquisition, they incur fewer costs throughout the process.

As a result, local organisations can acquire solutions through G-Cloud’s more budget-friendly approach to modernising systems.

Simplified service searches

Although G-Cloud lists 4,200 suppliers and over 30,000 cloud services, finding solutions that meet your specification can be achieved within a few clicks.  Through Digital Marketplace, users will be able to choose the service they need from cloud hosting, software and support. Follow up search features, categories and filters are then made available for users to refine their search results. Users can view company details, product specifications, pricing and more, informing decision-makers as they shortlist suppliers.

Long term cost savings through digital investment

One of the greatest advantages of adopting cloud services through G-Cloud is the access to innovative solutions tailored to public sector challenges. From cloud hosting and email archiving to bookings and supply chain systems, G-Cloud’s listed companies have an array of solutions designed to reduce costs and inefficiencies.

For example, Stopford’s suite of software tailored for registrars is aimed at reducing the time spent taking meetings and answering phone calls. By making appointment booking accessible from council websites, Stopford have been able to reduce the interaction costs between organisations and their users. This has also had a number of other effects. Implementing the system has helped streamline office processes, automating repeated tasks and providing excellent service delivery.

Stopford in G-Cloud

Explore Stopford’s range of booking solutions on G-Cloud 11 below:

Agenda Appointment Booking

Agenda For Registrars Appointment Booking

Facility Management

Course and Event Management

Ceremony Planner

RAFTS (Record Management)

RAFTS For Registration (Certificate Management)

For more information on G Cloud, follow click here.