Stopford go live with EUSS appointment booking  

Stopford are proud to be working alongside Camden, Islington and The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in providing EUSS appointment booking online. Specialising in public sector appointment solutions for 20 years, Stopford strive to make public services more accessible for residents in the digital age. The latest appointment booking option in Stopford’s portfolio will aim to assist applicants of the government’s EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) in completing the process and bypassing the limitations of the system.

EUSS and digital design

Having officially opened on the 30th March 2019, EUSS has assisted thousands of applicants in attaining settled or pre-settled status in preparation for the UK’s exit from the European Union. The application process requires users to begin their submission via the Home Office website, verify their documents via an Android device and complete their final steps back on the aforementioned website.

This digital led journey has received praise for enabling users to complete their application at their convenience, and for utilising verification technology that significantly reduces the time to process applications.

However the EUSS framework in its existing form has limitations, with one of its main challenges stemming from its verification process. To complete this portion of the process, users require an Android smartphone capable of running the Home Office’s verification app to scan their documents. This point has raised concerns on how inclusive the system is, with the system posing barriers for those without the preferential device or familiarity with the technology.

EUSS Appointment Booking

EUSS appointments aim to bridge over the digital exclusion issues presented by the verification process. Upon confirmation of an EUSS appointment booking, applicants will be able to visit select locations to verify their documents in-person, removing the need for users to own an Android device.

The ability to book appointments with staff does not only benefit those without the preferred verification device but also those who would like assistance. During these scheduled appointments registration staff will be on-hand to assist users through the verification step-by-step, providing guidance and an informative approach which accounts for citizen’s communication preferences. This will help alleviate fears of submitting confidential details during this important process and assists applicants progress.

By integrating Stopford’s EUSS Appointment Booking option, users will be able to book ID verification appointments on their computer or via mobile devices. This grants users the ability to book appointments at their convenience without strict opening times, while retaining a user-friendly approach comprising of short, simple steps to complete.

Stopford look forward to supporting applicants of the EU Settlement Scheme via online booking going forward.

Learn more about EUSS appointments here.