Bradford Council purchase Agenda For Registrars

With the fifth largest population for a metropolitan district in England, Bradford’s acquisition of Agenda For Registrars will aim to provide residents with an easy-to-use booking system.

The population of over 500,000 will have access to resources and booking options for Bradford’s dedicated registration service from home, reducing pressure on staff and existing infrastructure.

How Agenda helps registrars and residents

Implementing Agenda For Registrars into existing council processes hopes to allow citizens to book appointments with Bradford’s registration services from any location. Access to appointments for services including, notice of birth, death, marriage and civil partnership will be made available through simple online booking processes. This means residents will be able to use digital devices including smart phones, tablets and computers to confirm bookings that will feed directly into registrars diaries. From here, staff will be able to stay up to date with bookings and changes as they happen, creating a flexible solution for staffing.

Taking the booking system online also aims to make registration services more efficient. By reducing the responsibility on contact centres to handle phone and face-to-face bookings, registrars will be able to focus on implementing the citizens choices and providing excellent customer service.

To improve efficiency further, Agenda comes equipped with features to help reduce absences through reminders. Automated SMS and email reminders can be generated to informing users of outstanding payments and upcoming appointments, keeping residents updated and informed of their progress. By reducing the need to manually compose individual messages, registrars will be able to save time, reduce human errors and supports greater attendance.

Importantly, Agenda enables reporting on a number of key performance indicators. By recording metrics such as non-attendance, waiting and seen times, registration services will be able to make changes to their existing methods according to recorded data. This will help decision-makers develop solutions through data that aim to improve the overall service for  of Bradford.

Stopford look forward to helping Bradford Council’s registrars deliver the best service to residents going forward.

Find out more about Agenda here.