Hackney Council welcomes Agenda for Registrars

After previously collaborating on RAFTS for Registration, Hackney Council have extended their relationship with Stopford by purchasing the popular and adaptable Agenda Booking System. Over 275,000 people live within the councils area in what is the third most densely populated area in the UK. Through the purchase of Agenda, Stopford hopes to assist Hackney-based registrars in managing residents’ registrations for births, deaths, marriages and applications for citizenship.

Managing registrations for Hackney citizens

Stopford’s Agenda will provide an online service to citizens, allowing them to book birth, death, marriage and citizenship appointments online through the council website. The system will assess the customer’s eligibility and gather important information for the appointment, all of which will be fed through to the registrars via the admin system.

Members of the public will be given an easy to follow flow of questions that updates based on the answers that they provide. These dynamic flows sit within the council’s own branding to provide continuity and a feeling of security for applicants. Each online flow is browser independent and mobile responsive to maximise customer engagement and reduce the number of abandoned processes.

What can registrars expect?

From the registrars perspective, bookings are readily available through the diary with appointments clearly displayed. The system displays the appointment status via a traffic light system so that registrars can know any appointments status at a glance. Not only this, but bookings update in real time, ensure that double bookings do not occur and that times being looked at online are not taken by registrars by accident.

Allowing members of the public to book online reduces the need for registrar intervention and frees up staff for more vital duties. This streamlines the service process for registrars and simplifies the steps they will have to go through. Find out more about Agenda here.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with Hackney Council.