Hull City Council to use Agenda Appointment Booking

Widely established as one of the leading appointment booking systems for councils, Agenda and Agenda for Registrars will now be available to Hull City Council. Named the UK City of Culture in 2017 and home to one of the largest ports in England, Hull has embraced its historical heritage and combined that with its contemporary culture.

To help modernise and automate some of Hull’s existing information systems to suit, Hull City Council have provided Stopford with a specification to create their personalised booking system across a number of service areas.

An Agenda for everything and anything

One benefit the city council can look forward to by using Agenda is the widely configurable booking flows. Agenda’s design allows it to mould to any task demanded of it, from waste management or pest control to benefits appointments or home visits. Each service will work with Stopford to create a custom flow for customers. The system’s highly adaptable structure enables updates and amendments, meaning adding new functions is not a costly or time-consuming measure, granting longevity to the purchase.

These online appointment flows translate into saving time and reducing costs associated with face-to-face and telephone correspondence for the council. The system will also automate a number of functions, such as confirmation and reminder emails, to reduce the amount staff time wasted. All of these features funnel into a comprehensive diary system, where staff can manage and oversee bookings at a glance. This makes day to day operations easier with a readily available, constantly updating the itinerary of appointments to see.

Simplified appointments for registrars

Registrars will also benefit from the introduction of Agenda’s digital presence. The ability for registrars to manage all appointment and ceremony bookings digitally will help toward providing the best possible service. Registrars will now be able to focus primarily on the bookings, rather than meetings and phone calls to review requirements or make payments.

Stopford hopes to work alongside Hull City Council to provide information solutions for the foreseeable future.