Guildford and Elmbridge Councils Online Booking

Both Guildford and Elmbridge Borough Council have purchased Stopford’s full suite of booking systems to be used across a variety of different council services. The systems will replace both Council’s existing booking systems and enable each council to offer online bookings for appointments and facilities along with council courses and events.


It was important to both Elmbridge and Guilford that the chosen booking system had a simple and intuitive web browser interface for all users and administrators. As all Stopford products are adaptable to meet the needs of the organisation and can be scaled by admin users at no additional cost to the council, the three booking systems were chosen.

Online appointment booking

The ‘agenda’ diary management system allows users to create districts and diaries, manage current and future appointments, along with offering diary timeslots online through a series of eligibility questions. Appointments made or amended within the council website will then feed directly into the back end diary.

Once implemented on both the Guildford Council website and Elmbridge Council website, members of the public will be able to book meetings with staff via the customised appointment calendar online by searching for the next available appointment. Using the system’s built-in reporting functions, service managers will now be able to track how staff and the system are performing and compare to key performance indicators.

Online facility booking

Stopford’s Facility Booking System allows facilities managers to create rooms within the system and apply layouts, pricing schedules, catering options and equipment to particular rooms. The online functions of the Facility Booking System offers members of the public and council employees a room based on their specifications. This system is also used to book pool vehicles, sports pitches and other leisure facilities.

Online course & event booking

The Stopford Course & Event System allows creators to manage their upcoming course or event, by advertising them either online through the council website or through the internal council network. Each course or event can be assigned with specific qualification levels, attendance limits, advertising flags and much more to ensure attendees understand the nature of the programme.

One of the first systems that Elmbridge will be moving forward with is Stopford’s Course & Event system, a complete course management system that gives full control of sessions, tutors, attendees, prices and advertising flags to course administrators. This will allow members of the public to search, book and pay for various council run events including the council’s holiday activity scheme Shout! through the council’s website.

Stopford’s full suite of booking systems offered secure end-to-end solutions, with ISO 27001 and 9001 certification, which was also a requirement for both Elmbridge and Guildford.