User Group Conference 2016

Stopford’s registrar user group meeting has taken place again this year in Chester and has been a great success with many registrars praising the day as not only useful for understanding the software and future developments but also as an exercise in networking with other registrars and exchanging ideas to help improve the service. The user group itself took place on the 24th of November with a registrars from over 45 different councils attending and a number of registrars coming the day before for drop in refresher training and Q&A about the current system.

To ensure that the clients were as happy with the day as we were; Stopford sent out surveys to gauge attendees thoughts on the day. The result of this survey was overwhelmingly positive, with many clients highlighting the usefulness of attendance and looking forward to the next conference.

“The conference is very useful, not only to speak and have the use of the Stopford staff but also to speak and liaise with other registration districts.”

“It was a great opportunity to speak to other Registration services and learn of their own experiences with Stopford and how it has worked for them.”

agenda 7 & Ceremony Planner

The user group conference gave the registrars the opportunity to have an in-depth look at the upcoming agenda 7 system; the system will be loaded with new features that have been requested by the registrars, as well as a new layout and new interface that increases the diary’s loading speed¬†and the speed at which the system completes functions. A wide variety of new functions are being added but the overall aim of the new system will be to put more power in the hands of the users, allowing them to make changes that previously were only able to be made by Stopford directly. The new version will be launched initially to a few pilot clients in February 2017 before being rolled out to all customers starting from March.

It was also a chance for registrars to have an in-depth look at the online Ceremony Planner and how the new system interacts with agenda. Having a chance to engage with registrars about the system also allowed Stopford come up with new features for the system that will improve the service provided to couples planning their wedding and increase profit for the registration service. Much of the registration service’s focus over the coming years will be reducing spending and ¬†increasing income to the service and Stopford hope to be at the forefront of this push through the online Ceremony Planner.