Stopford Ceremony Planner

Stopford have been working with Islington Registration Service to create a Ceremony Planning website that will allow couples to plan all the aspects of their ceremony from the comfort of their own home, day or night. The ceremony planner offers couples a way to track their progress and helps them to understand all of the requirements for their ceremony. The website itself will be branded as Say I Do and is beautifully designed to give users an elegant and pleasing system for managing their ceremony progress.


For Couples

Couples will be provided with an easy way to access all of the information they need for their ceremony and will be able to see all of the tasks they need to complete before their big day. The FAQ will provide a source of the information for any common questions couples might have, while the ask the registrar function will allow couples to submit any additional questions to their registrar directly. The system will also allow couples to complete essential tasks without having to meet with the registrar, such as paying fees and submitting readings, music and vows for approval. The system dashboard will then track percentage complete and prompt couples when a deadline is approaching.

Registration Services Manager Besserat Atsebaha has outlined the benefits the new system will offer the public saying “Say I Do is an exclusive online portal which gives you everything you need to plan your special day in one place; anywhere, at any time. You can personalise your service by choosing your favourite music and readings, or browse our library of popular songs and readings for inspiration. Your Ceremony also helps you to select your vows (or write your own), order your service, pay your balance and much more. You will receive reminders when submissions and payments are due, making it easy to keep your planning on track.”


For Registrars

The system will also provide important benefits to the registration service as a whole, improving the efficiency of the registration service and allowing registrars to report on statistics gathered from the ceremony planner. The system will shift customer engagement to the Say I Do website, saving the service money by reducing the number of face to face or telephone interactions.  One minor change that will have a big impact on the service is the facility to take payments online which previously would have involved multiple face to face or telephone transactions. While these changes may seem small in the day to day, it represents a significant time saving across multiple members of staff throughout the year. Streamlining services in this way is a very effective form of reducing costs and meeting ever shrinking budget requirements.