Stopford’s full suite of registration software purchased by Leeds City Council

Leeds City Council registration service has purchased Stopford’s complete suite of registrar software.  After buying the RAFTS for Registration system in 2017, Leeds registration service purchased the registrars diary management system and the couples online Ceremony Planner.

With all three systems integrating seamlessly with one another, there will not be a need for registrars to manually perform a number of key tasks, freeing up staff for other duties. While many back office functions will become more streamlined, ceremony and certificate management processes will be expanded upon to help maximise the service’s full earning potential.

Through agenda, registrars with have full certificate order management functions and will be able to track an order through each stage of the process. Registrars will also have access to a number of tools that will assist in identifying fraudulent requests and reduce the risk of those claims in future requests.

With RAFTS and agenda integration, Leeds will be able to use online certificate searching and ordering. Customers will be able to search for and order certificates online using the RAFTS search function on the council’s website. Once they have paid for the copy certificate, a request is sent directly to the registrars through agenda, who will be able to jump directly to the requested certificates index without having to search for it themselves. This will speed up the certificate ordering process and reduce chances of human error.

The Ceremony Planner will lessen pressure on registrars whilst allowing couples to plan their wedding in the comfort of their own home. The online planner enables celebrants to plan every aspect of their big day and make decisions on statutory requirements such as selecting vows, naming witnesses and choosing declaratory words. They will also be able to pay fees through the planner and ask any further questions using the FAQ page or the ‘Ask a Registrar’ feature. All tasks completed by the couple are recorded with the agenda system and added to the registrar’s order of ceremony, which can then be printed or exported by the registrar once complete.

The Ceremony Planner integrates with the agenda system to manage upcoming ceremonies. Any questions asked will appear in the agenda system to be answered at a suitable time by a registrar and therefore will not interrupt important duties or require a member of staff to sit with the couple to go through their choices.

Service managers are also able to gather data from couples using the service, and report on a wide range of data. As a result this will help to drive innovation and improve how a service operates.

With RAFTS for Registration, agenda and Stopford’s Ceremony Planner, Leeds registration service will be able to move the majority of their interactions and payments online, use data to report on KPIs and improve the service moving forward into 2018.

We at Stopford look forward to working with Leeds this year and for many years to come.