New to agenda: Citizenship Redesign

We’re pleased to announce that Stopford’s Citizenship module for agenda for registrars is to receive a huge redesign to streamline booking access and attendee management.

We’ve taken user feedback onboard and reviewed our process to find areas that could be adapted to save registrars time when using the citizenship features within agenda.

Read on to find out more about our latest update:


Citizenship Redesign Overview:

Changes to Where Citizenship Are Managed

Our ‘Manage Citizenship Attendees’ area now defaults to a redesigned Citizenship List interface, with all previous functionality in button format alongside new options to bulk and individually add attendees to ceremonies directly from the list.

We’ve also made viewing all citizenship ceremonies within agenda it’s own separate area (see Citizenship Ceremonies below), reducing the clicks needed to reach this section and streamlining access.


Linking Attendees to Ceremonies

As mentioned in the previous section, one of the biggest time saving additions is the ability to directly add residents to ceremonies. This can be done either against the person in the Citizenship List under ‘Actions’, against the resident when editing their profile, or via selecting attendees in bulk via the left hand tick box.

This is a departure from previously adding attendees from the ceremony booking itself and will save a minimum of 4 clicks per attendee.

When searching for a specific customer, the system will auto-populate fields with details already against the user profile, reducing manual input.


New Citizenship List Table Fields

As part of the new Citizenship List interface, we’ve expanded the details table against attendees to include more information at a glance. This includes finding ceremonies based on their type, whether citizens have attended, or whether they have paid.


Creating a New Citizenship Attendee

The layout of adding a new citizenship attendee to the list manually has been adapted to utilise more of the screen. Additions to the page include tick box options to state the customer’s preference for appointment confirmations and appointment reminders.

This was previously only against users upon adding them to a ceremony.


Editing a Citizenship Attendee

Editing an existing customer (whether in the central Citizenship List or against a booking) will offer the option to attach payments and digital documents against the specific attendee, rather than solely when on the booking.

If the customer is not already attached to a ceremony, an option to Add to Ceremony will be available.

If the customer has a ceremony already booked with the service, new options against a citizenship attendee will be present when editing them:

  • Ceremony Details: Displays details of the ceremony the customer is associated with
  • Change Ceremony: Allows the customer to be switched to another ceremony
  • Remove From Ceremony: Removed the customer from the ceremony they are associated with

An option to distribute adhoc letters against the customer directly from both their profile in the Citizenship List and via their record against the ceremony has also been added to the system.


Citizenship Ceremonies (Free Spaces)

The new Citizenship Ceremonies page (formerly Citizenship Free Spaces) will now have a search feature to refine the ceremonies presented. The page has an increased capacity for citizenship ceremonies visible when searching, now 30 records.

This includes filters for:

  • Ceremony Type
  • Available Spaces
  • Ceremonies From (date)
  • Ceremonies To (date)


How Can I Update My Citizenships?

This upgrade is free-of-charge for all clients who have citizenships included in their contract. To have this upgrade applied to your system, please contact your Project Manager to arrange development.

If you’d like to see how the new citizenship interface works, arrange a demo with the Stopford team by contacting our team directly or through our contact form.