Stopford Approved for the G-Cloud 13 Framework

With G-Cloud 13 having gone live on the 9th November 2022, the Stopford team are proud to announce our successful application to the latest government procurement framework.

Known to the public sector as the government’s leading cloud procurement service via Digital Marketplace, G-Cloud 13 asks suppliers to publish their cloud services on the platform while displaying crucial information like insurances and credentials, giving local and central government the opportunity to search and evaluate cloud products easier than ever before.

Through keyword search, the availability of pricing documents, and a comprehensive feature list for each service, G-Cloud has become one of the most popular sites for finding cloud hosting, software and support services that assist in meeting the government’s objectives and digital strategy. This is shown through spending data from Advice Cloud, who have indicated that Central Government have spent almost ¬£10 billion on procurement through G-Cloud’s 12 previous iterations as of July 2022.

For the 6th year running, Stopford have successfully applied to be featured on the platform for our market-leading suite of booking and management solutions for everything from appointments and facilities to courses and events.

Sales and Marketing Manager, Scott Graham, said the following about the successful application:

“We’re proud to see our presence on G-Cloud continue after 6 years on the framework. This year, we’ve pushed ourselves to offer greater value to possible partners within the public sector and aimed to deliver higher standards for cyber security protection through our recent Cyber Essentials accreditation.”


Stopford in G-Cloud

Find all of our G-Cloud 13 listings at the links below:

Enterprise Booking Solutions:

Agenda Appointment Booking

Facility Booking and Management

Course and Event Management


Registrars Solutions:

Agenda For Registrars Appointment Booking

RAFTS For Registration (Certificate Management)

Ceremony Planner


Document Management:

RAFTS (Record Management)


For a full list of services Stopford provide through G-Cloud 13, visit the search link here.