Optimising agenda’s performance in 2020

Out with old and in with the new, the new year never fails to bring an air of change with it. The feeling of starting fresh from the year passing gives us the chance to reflect and set new targets for the year ahead.

For organisations, this can be a perfect chance to evaluate your systems performance and make the necessary tweaks to improve your results and your overall service. With this in mind, here are some of the ways organisations can optimise their use of agenda for 2020.

Review your KPI’s from 2019 and monitor appointment stages

A great starting point for nurturing a more effective agenda strategy is by looking at the performance of the service over the previous year. By reviewing KPIs like Appointment Summary Count, management can get a greater understanding of how their service operates and use these statistics to inform future decision-making. For example, if management within an office recognise a rise in bookings during specific months the office can respond by offering more timeslots and bringing in more staff to accommodate recurring trends. This will help foster long-term decision making and make processes more efficient.

Keeping a close eye on agenda’s appointment colour coding can also provide useful insights for managers. The built-in traffic light system displays the progress of each appointment, determining if visitors have been seen to, are waiting or are absent. By overseeing the live progress of appointments, decision-makers will be able to spot trends in their service including frequently over running appointments. This will give an easy to understand way of seeing the performance of your service and advise potential changes.

Tackle Absences With Automated Reminders

Appointment absences can be costly for services, resulting in lost time and a backlog of waiting visitors. agenda’s automated reminders feature gives services the ability to send communications to people with upcoming bookings without the need for manual distribution, prompting future visitors of outstanding payments or dates to remember.

Simply enable automated reminders, choose who to send communications to, add a message and send via a variety of different channels from SMS and email to physical letters.

Integrate Self Service Systems

Reduce queues at the reception desk and visitor waiting times by integrating agenda into self service systems. Stopford’s Self-Check In module can provide fast and simple arrival confirmation through mounted tablet devices in your reception area, minimising repetitive tasks and giving staff more time to deal with enquiries.

By linking agenda to an accompanying Self-Check In system, users will be able to insert relevant details corresponding to their booking including name and date of birth to register their arrival within a few simple steps.

Get the latest agenda updates and versions

Stopford are committed to consistently improving agenda for clients by providing new features, integrations and more throughout the year. These additions are always inspired by client needs and ideas, helping you tailor the system further and give you the tools you want as the demands on your service evolve.

To make sure you stay up to date with the latest product developments from Stopford, check out our Change Log within agenda and look out for emails from the Stopford team announcing changes.

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