3 more registration services choose Stopford

Stopford are excited to announce the acquisition of three new clients within the UK’s registration service.

Lambeth, Gwynedd and Plymouth City Councils have all chosen Stopford’s agenda for registrars and Ceremony Planner systems to integrate into their existing digital platforms.

The purchase of the systems come at an exciting time for registration services, with the sector continuing to embrace technology and reimagine how their services will interact with the public on a daily basis.

Service re-design through agenda for registrars

Starting with the addition of agenda for registrars, the comprehensive online booking and electronic diary system will enable local residents to more conveniently book appointments with the services they need including:

  • Register a Birth
  • Register a Death
  • Notice of Marriage/Civil Partnership
  • Nationality Checking
  • Book a Ceremony (marriage/civil partnership)
  • Citizenship Ceremonies
  • Renewal of Vows
  • Naming Ceremonies

Made available through each council’s respective website, users will be able to engage with their registration service using a digital device at any time of day, avoiding time-consuming phone queues and adapting to the growing demand for online services.

Lambeth, Gwynedd and Plymouth will all have the ability to tailor one of the UK’s leading appointment booking systems to their unique requirements, adding features such as self-check-in, certificate stock management and online ceremony choices.

Ceremony Planner

Purchased alongside agenda for registrars, Ceremony Planner is designed to streamline the pre-wedding process for couples and give them peace of mind on the lead up to their big day.

Where gaining all the necessary legal and personal requirements prior to a wedding/civil partnership may require multiple time consuming appointments, phone calls and email chains; Ceremony Planner condenses all tasks and information into a single, simple to use online dashboard. Using Ceremony Planner, couples will now have the ability to submit vows, music, readings, questions and payments from the comfort of their home at times convenient to them.

The innovative new system will integrate seamlessly into agenda for registrars, with all decisions approved through Ceremony Planner automatically updating their corresponding ceremony booking in agenda. This will ensure that all decisions are up-to-date and readily available for the registrars prior to conducting the ceremony, improving efficiency and optimising service delivery.

If you would like to enquire about any of the systems listed in this article, please contact .