South Holland take bookings online

Formed after the Local Government Act of 1972, the Lincolnshire-based district of South Holland is home to over 93,000 people (ONS 2017). Featuring landmarks including the Grade I listed Crowland Abbey to England’s tallest windmill in Moulton Windmill, South Holland has a rich and storied past.

With a focus on introducing more digital systems into their current service delivery, South Holland District Council have purchased agenda and commissioned work on their own Visitor Check-In system for their council contact centres.

agenda in South Holland

Stopford will be working closely with decision-makers within South Holland to provide online booking for a number of licensing appointments with customer service staff. This will include licensing appointments for:

  • Taxis
  • Premises License (Licensing Act 2003)
  • Animal Welfare
  • Pre-application Advice Service

These licensing appointment options will be made available through the South Holland District Council website, enabling citizens to book appointments by completing a short booking form. Completed forms will be submitted to agenda’s accompanying diary system, allowing timeslots to be instantly booked within South Holland offices.

The addition of agenda Enterprise to South Holland’s digital strategy will offer a range of benefits for both residents and service staff. For residents, public services become more convenient to access, focusing on becoming available for users when they are rather than only within fixed opening times. While for the local authority, online booking creates a new, more efficient channel for citizens to engage with, reducing interaction costs significantly and saving council funds. Alongside a range of other features from automated reminders to integrated payment, agenda Enterprise provides a number of opportunities for local services to engage quickly and efficiently with their residents.

Find out more about agenda Enterprise here.

Visitor Check-In in South Holland

Designed to digitally transform South Holland’s reception areas, Stopford’s Visitor Check-In system will enable residents with appointments to register their attendance without queuing at reception. Visits will be logged in directly into agenda and will inform staff when their guest or guests have arrived.

Upon arrival at the customer service centre, users will be able progress through a short check-in journey via a mounted tablet computer. Once confirmed, visitors will be registered as arrived within agenda and will be able to proceed to the venue’s waiting area before their appointment.

This aims to streamline the public service’s check-in process at South Holland’s customer service centres, minimising repetitive tasks for reception staff, saving staff time and reducing the overall pressure on the service.

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