Bring these public services online with Agenda

Since its inception, over one hundred public services have become bookable online using Stopford’s Agenda booking system. Spanning a number of public departments including registration services, Agenda has assisted councils in providing a comprehensive range of services on their websites, giving residents more ways to interact with their council.

With a multitude of options within both the Agenda Generic and Agenda For Registrars systems, today we will highlight some service areas you can incorporate into Stopford’s Agenda appointment booking system.

Registration services

Potential Service Areas:

Notice Appointments, Birth, Death, Still-Birth

Citizenship Ceremonies, Nationality Checking Service, EUSS ID Scanning

Marriage Ceremonies, Civil Partnerships Ceremonies

Across the large variety of services they provide, registration services play an essential role in updating the status of individual residents in the UK. However, this critical process has come under strain. With fewer available funds and a multitude of services to provide, allocating appointments can be a challenge via phone of face-to-face appointments.

To achieve their objectives more efficiently, creating a customer journey with Agenda where residents can quickly book appointments appropriate to them offers users more choice, while taking pressure off of front office staff. With confirmed online bookings being directly placed into office diaries, management can allocate staff where necessary, providing a clear, constantly updating schedule to work from.

Council-Owned Attractions

Potential Service Areas:

Heritage Sites, Museums, Lidos, Leisure Centres

With a growing trend toward online purchases and booking, making attractions available via websites has the ability to improve accessibility for potential holidaymakers and weekend planners. For council-owned locations including leisure centres and lidos, Agenda can be adapted to sell tickets during specified timeslots through a simple, user-focused booking experience.

Councils can design booking journeys implementing various ticketing options, optional extras and opportunities for marketing including newsletters. This helps publicly owned attractions best promote their entire service range and gives control to users as they customise bookings to their requirements.

Collection or Removal Services

Potential Service Areas:

Bulky Waste Removal, Pest Control

Whether you work in a rural or highly urbanised area, pests and waste removal can be pressing concerns among local residents. By removing the back and forth correspondence of emails and the restrictive opening hours in which to contact services, Agenda’s booking solution allows residents to engage at their convenience.

For collection and removal services, Agenda offers timeslots, dropdowns and payment options, enabling advanced choices for users. Users would provide their relevant details and then navigate through to select the items or pests relevant to them. Upon selection, residents would then be able to review the associated costs and appointment times at the summary screen, while staff would be made aware of jobs through Agenda’s diary system.

Application Services

Potential Service Areas:

Licensing, Housing, Blue Badge, Benefits Checks, MOT Services

Taking similar booking features from registration services, Agenda can provide an intuitive customer interface for a variety of application services. The systems adaptable framework allows councils to tailor Agenda to their chosen service area, offering users a consistent service delivery throughout the site.

By customising the forms that comprise the booking process, customer services can provide appointments for areas such as Licensing and housing applications with specific alterations. This can include details on what information is required or identification necessary at the appointment.

For staff, confirmed appointments can then be sent to their specific service providers, updating their corresponding diary automatically. This is crucial for services with different providers as this only directs relevant bookings to each services individual diaries for simpler timeslot management.

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