Stopford add Virtual Citizenship Ceremony Booking to Agenda

Stopford are pleased to add Virtual Citizenship Ceremony Booking to the list of existing appointment and ceremony types in agenda for registrars.

Providing a contact-free digital option for those looking to become naturalised as a British citizen during the pandemic, Virtual Citizenship Ceremonies protect both registrars and visitors while still achieving the symbolic and legal purpose of the event.

By adding Virtual Citizenship Ceremonies to your system, you’ll be able to not only easily record requests for the ceremony type within agenda, but also offer an online booking process alongside your regular services.

Stopford’s Marketing Assistant, Chris Freeman, said this about the new appointment type:

“Providing flexible options for attendees at this time has probably never been more paramount. With the existing ceremony format not suiting some attendees due to health among other reasons, being adaptive to accommodate during this time has been one of the strengths of the registration service throughout the pandemic. 

With the launch of Virtual Citizenship Ceremony booking within agenda, we hope to help services to continue to provide alternatives and best cater for all attendees.”

The method will allow customers to request a citizenship ceremony booking via video call online. The customer will be able to search for their record via their Home Office Reference number and name before disclosing whether they would want to swear or affirm.

Registrars will then be able to disclose how they will be conducting the video call and any links required in follow up confirmations.

If you’re interested in Virtual Citizenship Ceremony Booking or want to see a full list of appointments and ceremony types within agenda for registrars, please contact us through our online form.