Stopford enable appointment booking for Bromley’s Recycling Centres During COVID-19

Stopford are proud to have worked alongside Bromley Council’s Reuse and Recycling service to deliver a new appointment booking solution for managing visits during COVID-19. The system will act as a temporary replacement for the resident permit system, with an emphasis on restarting the service while adhering to the government’s guidance on Coronavirus. 

The introduction of a booking system for the London borough council will enable the service to prepare for the gradual lifting of restrictions at their Waldo Road and Churchfields Road centres, and offer greater control over the flow of visitors during the pandemic. 

Appointment booking for recycling centres

Through the system, those looking to drop off items at either centre will be able to visit Bromley Council’s website and complete a simple booking process; enabling users to submit their details, choose a timeslot for their visit, and receive a confirmation confirming their booking in minutes. These processes will be split for two different users; Standard and Key Worker, with key workers able to identify themselves during the booking process to access priority timeslots.  

From here, service staff will be able to print out a document of the upcoming bookings made, allowing the team to check-in visitors based on the details received and maintain an up-to-date record of arrivals throughout the day.

System Scalability

Each timeslot will have a fixed number of bookable spaces as set by the service; ensuring the number of visitors is manageable and reduces the likelihood of further spread of Coronavirus by giving attendees maximum space for social distancing. 

Decision-makers within Waldo Road and Churchfields Road Recycling Centres will be able to adjust the system through the back end as the situation continues to develop, allowing the service to offer timeslots and bookable spaces based on what the situation requires.

If you would like to know more about Bromley’s Recycling Centre booking solution or how you could implement a similar system, please contact for more information.