Introducing Mobile Check-in for agenda for registrars

Stopford are pleased to announce the creation of a new Mobile Check-in module for the leading appointment system for registration services, agenda for registrars. 

The launch of the new module will be the first mobile check-in system designed for registration appointments and digitally transform how visitors interact with the local service; streamlining visitor journeys, optimising time efficiency and presenting users with flexible sign in options to combat COVID-19 when face-to-face appointments resume. 

How will Mobile Check-In work?

With Mobile Check-in enabled, visitors with appointments will be able to mark their arrival at their register office in seconds by checking in via a link issued within their confirmation email. This link will bring users to a mobile-friendly appointment summary screen with a distinct ‘Check in’ button, enabling visitors to confirm their presence in just one click. Register Offices will be able to determine when the ‘Check in’ button will be active for users (e.g. 10 minutes before the appointment) in order to prevent accidental check in and ensure staff are notified correctly.

Integrating directly into agenda for registrars, arrival confirmations made via mobile will automatically update the booking’s appointment status from ‘Not Arrived’ to ‘Arrived’ within the registrar’s diary, giving staff a real-time overview of the entrance of any visitors for upcoming bookings.

Each Mobile Check-in module integrated will also include an informative poster for use within the reception area to raise awareness of the new process and encourage use. 

What are the benefits?

For guests attending appointments, Mobile Check-in promises to seamlessly transition users from the check in process to the waiting area; giving attendees the ability to skip existing queues and prevent further visitor backlog, improving all visitors service experience in the process.

For registration services, Mobile Check-in has the potential to deliver a number of new benefits. With reduced visitor numbers waiting in queues for check in, the automation of this repetitive task will create significant time savings for staff, increasing the time available for handling user queries and completing other tasks which in turn will improve the visitors experience. In addition to this, the module will assist the service in keeping an up-to-date log of visitors and their status, ensuring visitors can confirm their entrance on arrival with less lag created from waiting in queues. 

Finally, the module will also assist registration services in adapting to any social distancing guidelines in place when face-to-face appointment services resume. With the sign in process taking place on user’s personal mobile phone, face-to-face check in procedures can be minimised to reduce the likelihood of spreading Coronavirus through contact with members of staff or other visitors. 

If you would like to register your interest in Stopford’s Mobile Check-in module, please contact .