Update: Birth Registration Changes and New Check-in Option

With guidance regarding COVID-19 continuing to evolve, the Stopford team have been taking a proactive approach to the upcoming challenges registrars face and have adapted our systems to best meet the demands of the registration service at this time. 

In our latest round of updates, we’ve looked towards the future of birth registrations, and harnessing new mobile processes for both enhancing visitor’s experience and minimising contact during COVID-19.  

For any of the following changes please contact to get started. 

Online Birth Registration Updates

We have created a new out-of-the-box process for booking birth registration appointments online. This will provide an adapted process flow tailored for managing the potential backlog of birth registrations and giving registrars updated tools for handling appointments and enabling certificate purchase. Changes will include:

  • The ability to specify a date of birth range for individual timeslots. This will allow your service to stagger registrations based on the date of birth and prioritise births that occurred earlier in lockdown. 
  • Data capture features which will pull through inputted data for registrars to use during their appointment, making the process faster and more efficient. 
  • The option to enable certificate purchases during the booking process (dependent on payment provider).

This system change will be available to all clients, even if you are currently without a system in place for births registrations. 

Removal of the 42 day check for births

Following the postponement of future birth appointments at the start of lockdown, we understand that there are likely to be a significant number of births made outside of the 42 day requirement for registering a birth within. 

Our latest option will allow you to remove the 42 day rule within agenda for registrars for birth registrations if required. 

New self serve Mobile Check-in option

We’re excited to launch a brand new Mobile Check-in option for agenda for registrars, designed to reduce visitor backlog, eliminate unnecessary contact and optimise time efficiency for registration services. 

Full details on the mobile self serve module can be found in our Introducing Mobile Check-in for agenda for registrars post.