Stopford to deliver registrars booking for North East Lincolnshire

Stopford are delighted to be working with the wonderful registration team at North East Lincolnshire to digitally transform how the service receives and manages bookings going forward. Home to over 160,000 citizens, the partnership will help the Yorkshire and Humber based authority simplify the management of appointments and ceremonies, while enabling online self service for those looking to make a booking with their civil registration service.  

North East Lincolnshire will also join over 100 authorities using Stopford to manage and enable registration bookings for births, deaths, notices and ceremonies.  

Tracy Frisby, the Registrars and Civic Services Team Manager at North East Lincolnshire, had this to say about the new partnership:

“Nathan, Iain and Kevin have all been fantastic in supporting our transition to using Stopford, which has had an immediate impact on lowering the number of telephone calls received into the office, therefore ensuring registrars can spend more time with families face to face when they visit to register. Each and every query or question, not matter how daft we thought it might be, has been dealt with quickly and effectively, ensuring North East Lincolnshire can offer a great service to our users.”

What’s new for the registrars?

In terms of project scope, the Stopford team have collaborated with local registrars to integrate agenda for registrars, the leading solution for UK civil registration. This has included a tool-packed diary system complete with comprehensive features to support North East Lincolnshire’s registrars with their day-to-day tasks.  

Using admin, staff have been able to log booking requests received into the system directly, enabling the team to see upcoming and on-going bookings in real time. In addition to this, the system has enabled multiple aspects of bookings to be managed including:  

  • Rescheduling and cancelling appointments  
  • Allocating payments received  
  • The attachment of relevant documents to a booking  
  • Automatic and adhoc letter, email and SMS distribution  
  • Report generation  

Alongside the diary side of the system, both parties have co-created online booking flows for citizens to complete bookings themselves, with every booking and payment received being logged directly into agenda for registrars, no manual staff input is needed. Each process has been carefully tailored with North East Lincolnshire’s desired branding and question flow to ensure registrars can gather all relevant details ahead of time. Going forward, this will look to minimise bookings received via email or telephone, which have been shown to be more time consuming for services, and in many cases, less convenient for customers.  

During the early stages, the project has been conducted through the workshop format we recently highlighted in another post, making our team accessible to registrars for questions and enabling seamless collaboration as points are raised. 

We look forward to continuing this journey with our partners in North East Lincolnshire Council long into the future.

Ready to digitise civil registration? 

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