Stopford Introduce New Workshop Approach

The need to become an agile organisation has been really highlighted in the wake of COVID-19. From being proactive in our response to legislation to the introduction of new projects during the pandemic, we’ve wanted to adopt more practices that would not only mean we can deliver projects faster than ever before, but also open up our team for a more directly collaborative approach to engaging with our clients.

That’s why we’re introducing new ways of working in the form of Stopford ‘workshops’.


What are Stopford Workshops?

Our new approach to working with clients partners up our Business Analyst and a Developer with your team members for a video call where work is completed as it’s discussed. These can range from a brief one-hour call, all the way to full-day sessions.

We’ve been employing this approach to various scenarios in recent months to positive results, ranging from getting fresh projects off the ground with online processes quickly to turbocharging UAT with clients directly.


What are the benefits?

We believe there are a whole host of benefits from taking this approach to projects with our clients, and we hope you’ll feel the same way.

  • Clients will now be able to address any tweaks or changes and verify their resolution in real-time with our Developers and Business Analysts who will be on hand to walk through any questions you may have.
  • For new clients/new online projects, this means that clients can hit the ground running fast with changes to a range of standardised templates.
  • The approach will limit User Acceptance Testing (UAT) required as changes can be viewed on the call, leaving users to simply sign-off on the process(es) afterward.
  • No more document writing to discuss requirements for a specification or any changes needed



To find out more about our new ‘workshop’ approach to projects, please get in touch via the contact form here.