Update: Post COVID Death Registration

In late March 2020, we quickly unveiled and deployed a new adaptable death process to help registration services adapt to lockdown, and the beginning of what we’d come to know as the COVID-19 pandemic. This involved the introduction of an online flow that could distribute telephone appointments, ask pre-booking questions for the registrar to confirm, and enabled funeral directors to be informants among other timely functions to coincide with the emergency legislation enacted.

Two years on, the legislation that supported civil registration during the global pandemic will now lapse in March 2022, and we’re once again outlining our efforts to help the transition of registrars across the UK.


What will Stopford be doing?

For those using the telephone death registration process, we will be supplying a new process in our ‘New Online’ format designed with the ability to opt into specific features and customise the process to individual services. This includes considerations for declarations, pre-appointment questions and certificate purchase among other points.

For more details, please refer to the email issued in mid-February to all registration partners.


What does this mean for my service?

We’ve broken down the impact of this FREE update across partners in various positions below:


1. Using Telephone Death Registrations Actively

Those using the telephone registration process will have the option to adopt this new process or switch back to their pre-COVID death process. For the latter, please contact Support if you need assistance switching your processes over.

For those looking to make the transition to our new process, we will be prioritising existing users of the telephone death process in deployment to enable a smooth switchover. Please make sure you contact us with your preferences in advance and we will look to schedule you in for customisation and deployment.


2. Not using telephone death registrations

Though we will not be prioritising those not using telephone death registrations, this new template will be our default solution for death registration booking going forward in the ‘New Online’ format.

After completing the initial rollout, we will be open to deploying this as the standard format to clients.


For more information and queries, please contact