Hounslow to introduce Stopford’s suite of registration systems

The London Borough of Hounslow is to integrate two of the UK’s leading systems for registration services as part of their new vision for service delivery and booking management.  

Having already gone live with online booking this week, agenda for registrars and Ceremony Planner will give Hounslow residents the ability to engage with their public services better than ever before, while providing Hounslow registrars with simplified service management tools through a wide range of tailored features.


Improved registration systems 

The system of choice for over half of all English services, agenda for registrars will provide appointment booking for a range of options including registrations like births and deaths, to notice appointments and ceremonies. This will replace Hounslow’s existing system for accepting appointment and ceremony requests via email; providing the service with completely customisable booking processes, comprehensive reporting features, and a robust diary system to capture all booking details. 

The integration of the booking and diary elements of agenda offer Hounslow’s registration service a quick, effortless channel for accepting bookings from the authority’s population of over 270,000 (2018); enabling multiple bookings to be simultaneously made 24/7 without applying pressure on customer service staff via phone or face-to-face interactions. 

Looking to customise the registration system further, Hounslow have also chosen to add a number of additional features to optimise their solution to their unique requirements. This includes: 

Contact Centre: 

Contact Centre provides the service with a stripped-down, call-friendly version of agenda. This will enable customer service staff to quickly run through Hounslow’s online booking process with residents over the phone. This has the benefit of standardising call procedures and coordinating all telephone-made bookings into agenda’s diary system. 

Self Serve: 

Stopford’s Self Serve module will enable visitors to check-in via their mobile phone or a mounted tablet within reception rather than queue at the customer service desk. This will drastically reduce waiting times within offices, free up staff time and improve customer satisfaction among visitors. 


A personalised online Ceremony Planner 

Hounslow will also introduce Stopford’s latest addition to their suite of registration systems, Ceremony Planner, to support celebrants in the run-up to their wedding or civil partnership. Giving couples the ability to make and submit ceremony choices when it suits them, Ceremony Planner removes the need for scheduling appointments during office opening hours and provides clarity on all requirements needed from the pair. Easy to fill in forms guide users every step of the way before submission, while extensive FAQs and the informative ‘Ask A Registrar’ feature provides maximum support and advice to help decision-making. 

These features and many more are packed into a user-friendly design complete with progress meters and colour coding to keep Hounslow’s couples on track for their ceremony. 

Integrating with agenda for registrars, Ceremony Planner will record all approved submissions directly into the ceremony’s booking within the diary; enabling registrars to have an up-to-date and correct record of the couple’s requirements. Digitising interactions and saving staff time, Ceremony Planner will overall deliver more control to those tying the knot across Hounslow. 

We look forward to seeing how the project progresses and working alongside the team at Hounslow into the foreseeable future. 

If you’d like to know more about agenda for registrars or Ceremony Planner, please visit their dedicated product pages.