The Additional Benefits Of Cloud Hosting With Stopford

Traditionally, cloud hosting has offered a number of great benefits to organisations with an online presence including;

  • Scalability to increases/decreases in website traffic.
  • Balances the workload of your website across multiple servers to reduce crashes.
  • More cost effective depending on site size.

When working with Stopford, all clients have the option of hosting their booking, management or bespoke system through our own cloud hosting option, bringing with it a number of unique benefits on top of the existing advantages of having cloud hosting.

In today’s post, we will highlight the two main additional benefits for existing clients using Stopford’s cloud hosting option.

More Responsive Support

Have a problem or would like assistance with your system? By hosting with Stopford, you can receive quicker support and faster turnaround on any issue or fault identified within your system.

Upon finding an issue, clients can contact Stopford’s support team who can then directly log into your system and assess the highlighted areas as the system’s host. Where alternative hosting would require time consuming requests for server access between IT departments, Stopford’s cloud hosting option enables our support team to bypass any barriers and help you get back up and running fast.

Better Access To Upgrades

Coinciding with our commitment to making on-going improvements to our range of systems, Stopford frequently release upgrades and new versions to offer you the latest features and tools.

Using Stopford’s cloud hosting provider, clients gain faster access to the latest upgrades without needing to contact their external hosting providers IT team, removing unnecessary forms from the process. This reduces lead-in times to installing new updates on systems, making it easier for Stopford to install new versions on hosted clients before those using other hosting providers.

Stopford’s Solution

Stopford offers cloud hosting for existing clients using any of our booking solutions. You can find out more about our additional services here.

Contact for more information on the benefits of switching, pricing and more.